Customers aren’t going to stop buying things, they’ll just shop differently. Survivors and thrivers are always customer centric.

You may need to adjust your focus. Time to draw breath (and draw up plans).

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About us

How we work

We work online and at street level. Wherever people shop. We deliver powerful ideas and strategies, initiatives and communications that pay and pay. Driven by unique research techniques, rich customer insights that are actionable, and bucketloads of experience. We’ll help you stand back and take a closer look at your business, and get it firing in these strange times. Above all, we understand your unique retail issues even in these times. And we know how to fix them.

The strategic decisions you make now and the hard work we invest now will set you up for a rapid regrowth after the pandemic. Work with us on a project or a full rebrand while you have the time to give it the thought it needs for you to come out of this ahead.

What We Do

  • Full performance analysis of sites and venues

  • Quick fix solutions for cash flow

  • Digital and mainstream campaigns to drive traffic

  • Customer experience improvement

  • Online retail and physical store troubleshooting

  • Store and product performance improvement

  • Actionable insights and meaningful analysis

  • Expert assessment and strategy

  • Creative design + production with a commercial edge

  • Web development, video production and social

The RPU Process


Analysing your business, customers and market with our touchpoint diagnostic framework and bespoke research facilities.

Strategic Development

Deliver a differentiated and commercially viable strategic plan that’s realistic, achievable, and media agnostic.


Providing the people, plans, production capability and partnerships to drive seamless delivery. From quick wins to long-term goals.


Continual results analysis and planning modification to continually optimise business performance.

Try before you buy

We’re now providing the below services for free to support Australian businesses.

1/2 day free consultation

Discussing your immediate needs and challenges. Will provide feedback and a review with directions which may include a pivot plan.

Waive Onboarding Fees

Our usual onboarding fees will not be charged during this COVID recovery time.

Let’s Zoom together soon!

We’re happy to jump onto a video conference to sort out your immediate needs, so let’s have a chat online ASAP!

Phone: +61 466 848 166

Phone: +61 400 284 411

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