Council-led Rescue Packages

Right now, local shopping strips need serious help. Many shops are closed and traffic into those that remain open is way down. COVID-19 has driven fear into the public psyche. Many shopping habits have fundamentally changed and likely changed for the long-term. Many stores, and sadly their staff, are hanging on by a thread.

We call it the new abnormal.

At Retail Partners Unit, we have significant experience in rescuing retail operations and driving footfall, sales and basket size for retail businesses from owner-occupied to large chains. We have now commenced the implementation of our local business survival process with several Local Government bodies, which addresses these issues- and will drive business and traffic to grow public confidence and both resident’s and trader’s morale.

We have a range of vital initiatives – from systems for getting more tenants into shopping strips and centres. A means to build up trial of stores, and customer’s interactive involvement in strips. Plus systems for getting great data and insights for smaller retailers who don’t have the ‘consumer intelligence’ support enjoyed by the big operators. And lots of other concepts to make your strips much more viable – just ask us what we can do for the unique set of problems in your area.

With RPU, you can readily access these initiatives to revitalise your local economy and trader’s futures, by inspiring your people – encouraging engagement, localising spending, and improving futures in a flexible, responsible and very cost-effective way.

And yes, we do understand how government works. RPU has worked successfully with many government bodies and created award-winning integrated digital & mainstream campaigns across strategy, creative, product and service design, video, internal marketing, research, and media buying.

Do please contact us to discuss your local situation and how we may be able to help.

Our plan delivers a phased marketing campaign across local councils, tailored to hyper-local requirements that will uniquely deliver:

  • Confidence to ‘come inside and shop’ and consequent conversion of existing local foot traffic
  • Incremental footfall with predisposition to buy locally
  • Reasons to increase ‘basket size’
  • Reasons to cross-shop in the local environs
  • Reasons to come from surrounding suburbs to shop
  • Reasons to continue shopping local

Local government have responsibility for small business health in their charters. It’s also they who will carry much of the blame when shops are boarded up, and streets are impoverished. Especially as some local governments are taking up the challenge of how to invigorate their municipalities. So the ones that don’t, the ones that just say ‘let’s see what happens’, will look irresponsible at the other side of this Covid-19 period.

That’s because it will be so easy to see the differences. One suburb will be doing well, full shopping strips, busy stores, better services. Another suburb, maybe only a few km’s distant, will have closed shops, no services, and struggling.

Retail Partners Unit is ready to work with your Council team, to reinvigorate your local economy now, and on the flip side of COVID-19, have it firing better than ever. If you’d like to explore how to stimulate your local businesses, please contact us now.

How will we fill your shops?

Key potential tenant target markets

Corporate and government branches

There are hundreds of groups who have defined needs from a demographic and traffic-flow point of view who need a very specific approach to get them to consider locations, but these groups have boards who are wanting certainty and so are prepared to sign long leases.

Franchise or chain stores

Again, there are hundreds of groups, from smaller banks to bakers or beauticians who are seeking locations that will be attractive to the people who they wish to bring on board as franchisees, or who are seeking ways to expand their chain’s retail footprint.


Many businesses that have grown over the past few years in the online space are considering going from just ‘clicks’ to ‘bricks and clicks’. Some because they want a physical presence for returns or pick-ups, some to be able to go somewhere to work that isn’t their garage or their kitchen table.


There is a small but interesting group who wish to walk into a business that has been abandoned by another, leaving it ‘as is’. The capital costs are almost non-existent if you can simply takeover a lease of a premises that is already set up as a coffee shop or clothing store, newsagent etc and just change the signage over, or say ‘Under New Management’.


Many service businesses, like accountants, travel agents who may have been on level 2-5 are interested in moving to street level for the additional trade that may come from passing traffic. If rents are comparable, they can see their business will flourish if people can simply walk in off the street.

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