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7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores that operates, franchises and licenses some 58,300 stores in 17 countries. The first Australian store opened in 1977 in Oakleigh, Melbourne. In Australia, they sell a wide range of products, including daily newspapers, drinks, confectionery, prepaid cards, top-up services and snack foods. Most of the stores in Australia are located in metropolitan areas, especially within the CBDs. Many of the suburban stores operate also as petrol stations. Most are owned and operated as franchises under a central administration. In 2010, they bought out Mobil’s last remaining Australian petrol stations, resulting in a large overnight expansion of the brand. As of 2014, they have announced plans to start operating in Western Australia.

Each year on November 7, 7-Eleven promotes “7-Eleven Day” by giving away a free Slurpee to customers. More from here:

7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd, Australia’s first choice in convenience, is a private company owned by the Withers and Barlow family.  The company has a license to operate and franchise 7-Eleven stores in Australia from the US based 7-Eleven Inc.

The first Australian store was opened in August 1977.  Today 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd. operates more than 615 stores in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and most recently, Western Australia.

Through its store network, 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd. conducts more than 185 million transactions a year, serving an average six customers per second, generating sales of approximately $3.6 billion.

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