What Can the RPU Do For You?

Strategy is not in short supply in Australia. True implementation capability is.
That’s where we slot in – with incisive analysis, actionable insights and effective outputs. We’ll help you sell more stuff. We work direct, and, where required, through the incumbent agency.

We love to engage across the full spectrum of customer touch points, from consultation through to implementation. As a specialist in delivering projects, we can engage at any number of levels. You choose.

Speedy Gonzalez

Monday meeting: It was a shit weekend and you don’t need another one like that. How to fix it: get it sorted and up in stores by Friday. Click Here to learn more.

Retail B2B

2 Hours Free Consultation: Let us share some unique insights that have already delivered massive profits for retail B2B divisions. Click Here to learn more.

Get It Off Your Chest

No holds barred one hour agony aunt session, pre-prepared with an NDA of your choice. Click Here to learn more.

Commercial Compass

5 Functions walk out of the same meeting with three different and sometimes competing objectives. Sound familiar? Let our Commercial Compass navigate you towards a perfect focus of efforts for best commercial return. Click Here to learn more.

Web Sweeper

Your site’s old. It looks clunky, doesn’t reflect your retail vision and generally lets you down. A facelift, better UX, re-worked user journey and bang you’re back in a competitive space. Sweep away the cobwebs and spruce up your site to perform better. Click Here to learn more.

Calendar Buster

Find balance in your marketing calendar: find out how to top up the troughs in between and become less reliant on price based, margin eroding, events. Click Here to learn more.

Retail Raider

Raider: how to better go about stealing your competitors’ customers. We’ll show you a couple of great examples. Learn how to trigger a switch that magnetises their customers to your brand. Click Here to learn more.

Prospecting Pan

Diving deep into data is not enough. Actionable outputs is what you need. We trawl your data to pan the insights that we can turn into actionable activity / outputs – nuggets of gold. Click Here to learn more.

Street Smart Research

A street smart approach to retail research techniques that delivers results that work quickly. Click Here to learn more.

Margin Blaster

How much time do you spend working out how to give away more margin? Stop it right now – and get the balance right. Click Here to learn more.

KPI King

Focus on the right KPIs. Stop wasting time chasing disconnected KPIs that drive underperformance. What, why, where – we’ll share the answers. Click Here to learn more.

Beyond Online

So you’ve found out that digital alone is not enough. The most effective offline drivers of online sales – we have the tools and the track record. Welcome to a range of tactics, deals and media buys we know work to boost on-line traffic, improve click-through rates and get those beautiful baskets filled to the brim. Click Here to learn more.

Onsite Insight

Supply side efficiency: demand side effectiveness – Site walks with a massive difference that make a massive difference to your bottom line.

Find out how to appeal to 5 mutually exclusive customer segments under 1 roof. Click Here to learn more.

Catalogue Killer

Is your catalogue plan worth the cost? Here’s some things to think about. Is it just about revenue from suppliers? Have you got the right metrics in place? What about your customers? Click Here to learn more.

Brand Helicopter

It’s OK to be different and differentiated – but do your customers find you relevant or valuable? Don’t get lost in the differentiation maze – come for a ride in our brand helicopter and look down on the best route to follow. Click Here to learn more.

Ring a Bell?

Looking for “Breakthrough”… Quickly?

  • Need a partner that understands your issue and will come up with a workable solution – saving those precious hours of having to explain ‘all that stuff’ that a retailer should and does know?
  • Gagging for a breakthrough idea that will work at all customer touch points, and quickly?
  • Or maybe just needing a second opinion, a fresh take, but you can’t add a fresh contract to your roster.?
  • Do you sometimes just long for a bit of extra help from a team that really gets retail.?
  • Had a shit weekend? Change it before the next one.